21 technological developments in Western healthcare

‘Healthcare Enablers 2017’ is part of the programme ‘Diagnosis Transformation’. The most important trends and developments in healthcare are closely monitored in these diagnosis programs, which started with ‘Diagnosis Healthcare Innovation’ in 2012. We are including the technological developments as enablers of change in our current programme ‘Diagnosis Transformation’.

A clear picture of all technological developments is an essential ingredient for an innovative healthcare sector and innovative healthcare organizations. We have classified the technologies according to the phases of healthcare that make up the HealthValueCycle, as described in ‘Diagnosis Healthcare Innovation’ in 2013. In the HealthValueCycle the central focus is on the individual and the healthcare process has a cyclical character. For each phase, 1) Prevention & Healthy living, 2) Consultation, 3) Diagnosis, 4) Treatment & Guidance, and 5) Control & Monitoring, we describe a number of important technological developments and give practical examples. With Healthcare Enablers 2017 we are giving everyone insight into the considerable technological developments. Healthcare Enablers 2017 can be downloaded for free here.

Diagnosis Transformation is made possible by its strategic partners BeBright, KPN, Noaber, PinkRoccade, and Promedico.

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